Keep it steady


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Try and gain the most points without causing the bundle to collapse and you might just win. For 2 – 4 players aged 6 – 99 years.

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Keep it steady is a fun family game of skill and dexterity for 2 to 4 players.

Players roll the dice and carefully remove the sticks from the bundle as per the dice without touching the circle.

You can refuse to pull out a stick, but risk loosing point! The player who causes the bundle to collapse loses and the player(s) with the most points wins.

Yellow sticks worth 1 point, red sticks worth 2 points and blue sticks worth 3 points.

Contents include: 9 yellow sticks, 9 red sticks, 9 blue sticks, 1 wooden ring and 1 colour die.

Keep it steady is quick to learn, quick to play, and lots of fun for all!

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5 years +

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21.5 X 21.5 X 3.5cm


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